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How Many Cups Should I Order For Wedding?

When putting together a wedding, you will have a hundred different components to look at. There are things to plan, venues and makeup artists to book, and guest lists to go over. Regardless of whether you’re a brave, highly-organized bride planning the wedding herself, or a wedding planner who wants to make sure everything goes perfectly for her clients, you will have to bring some ‘wow’ factor to ensure the event is a memorable success.

A great way to make the wedding stand out is by customizing different aspects. You probably think choosing your favorite flowers and setting up the venue in your preferred wedding decor style is all the customization you can do.

However, My Wedding Reception Ideas offers you so much more!

By allowing you to design, style fully, and customize every part of your wedding, including the wedding cups, the party favor bags, and even the table decorations, the brand ensures you truly make this event your own. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Before creating personalized cups for the wedding, you should first determine just how many each guest will need.

How Many Cups Should You Order for a Wedding?

This might sound like a trivial minor issue, but not having enough wedding cups on the event day can create a needless hassle for everyone. Your guests will be left displeased and uncomfortable while you’re scurrying about trying to handle the situation. No bride wants to deal with all that!

Searching online will take you to numerous articles and blogs, all suggesting something different. Some will tell you to buy bulk cups for the wedding as guests tend to use a new cup every hour, while others say a maximum of 3 cups per person should be enough. Sounds extremely confusing, does it not?

The fact of the matter is that this is your event, and you are in the best position to estimate how many cups your guests might need. Since each wedding is highly customized and created to the bride and groom’s wishes, trying to apply random general rules won’t do you any favors.

Instead, it would be best to look at things from a broader perspective. Try to figure out how many different factors can play a role in the number of cups your guests use. Do you have an open bar? Will your guests be served champagne in tulip glasses and champagne flutes offered and collected by waiters? Are there different types of glasses for dinner and after-party drinks?

Consider all of these questions and determine how many glasses you would use at such a wedding. That’ll give you your answer on how much to spend on buying bulk plastic cups for the wedding! Be sure to throw in a few extras as well, just in case!

Another essential thing to consider is that your wedding will have more people than just the guests. When estimating how many cups to buy for each person, do count in all the vendors, waiters, and servers at the wedding. You’ll need to make sure they have enough glasses to stay hydrated too!

What Sizes of Cups Will You Need?

Hold on, your work here isn’t done yet! You’ve decided how many bulk plastic cups for the wedding you’ll need, but what about the sizes of those cups?

8 oz. to 10 oz. Cups are usually perfect for weddings and other parties. They look impressive at the open bar or the beverages station and can be used for different adult and children’s drinks! You will probably have a mix of soda, mixed drinks, wine, and lemonade for guests of different age groups at your party. Everyone can use these cups!

Moreover, if you plan to have beer or sangria at the wedding, you’ll probably need 14 oz. to 16 oz. Cups too!

Making Your Wedding Cups Stand Out

Now onto the ‘wow’ factor, we mentioned earlier.

Buying bulk cups for the wedding is your best bet at saving up on costs that you can use on a bigger cake or a nicer bouquet. But, what if you could get those bulk cups personalized with your wedding initials and design? How wonderful does that sound!

At My Wedding Reception Ideas, you can get cups of different materials (including plastic, paper, and Styrofoam) and sizes personalized to perfection! They offer disposable options as well as reusable cups to fit your convenience.

Moreover, their frosted plastic personalized cups for weddings make the perfect event keepsakes! To make it all much better, they offer free personalization so you can add a custom touch to each cup. For no setup or additional costs, the brand offers 25 imprint colors to go with your wedding theme, along with a custom logo for your event!

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