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Top Tips from the Professionals for Planning a Corporate Event

If it has fallen at your feet to organise the next corporate event, your boss will be watching you carefully, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Sure, it can seem a bit daunting, but we all have to prove our worth in the business arena, and with that in mind, we asked an event planner for a few tips on planning a corporate event.

  • Identify event objectives – It might be to introduce a new line of products or to say thank you to loyal distributors, or even to update shareholders after a recent acquisition. Jot down a few things that you want to achieve; cement your image, appreciate employees and send out the right PR.
  • Create a brief plan –Using the event objectives as a heading, draft an overview of the event, listing vendors and other services that you will need. Build on this plan; create sub-lists, with vendor names, contact details and status – start to see the event coming together.
  • Choosing a venue – Choosing from the many conference venues in Melbourne should lead to all the resources you need under a single roof. Don’t take any chances with things like the weather; always have a Plan B; the professional event planner has a Plan C. Connect with the venue’s event manager and your program will be integrated into their calendar; the earlier you book, the more organised your event will be.
  • Take charge – If you are tasked with heading up a corporate event, take charge by announcing via email that you are the ‘go-to’ person regarding every aspect of the plan. Create a vendor list and tick off when dates are confirmed, or make use of software to help plan a corporate event.
  • Be free on the day – A tip from the pro event planners; never give yourself a role on the day of the event, that way, you can float and keep an eye on everything, ready to bridge where required. You will need to delegate to suitable colleagues, which is an integral part of leading a team, helping others to develop by handling more responsibility.
  • Double check everything – Do you have backup batteries for the mics? If the laptop that is running the slideshow crashes, do you have a spare machine on hand? You need to cover every eventuality when planning a corporate event, with a focus on great service and smooth delivery of the program. Have you an endless supply of ice? how about beverages and snacks? the answers to questions like these will ensure that you are ready for everything and anything.
  • Keep people informed – You can do this by sending out a daily progress report to all involved, reminding everyone of the big picture and how important their roles are. You are the information disseminator as well as the team leader, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Event planning can seem stressful to the novice, but with online solutions, everything you need is but a mouse-click away.

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