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How to Weave Magic into Any Space Using Luscious Flower Walls

Flowers are a versatile decor element whihas the power to instantly transform any bleak space into a lush, inviting one. Do you need a flower wall ? Flower walls are becoming increasingly popular in the event industry. They serve as perfect backdrops and squeeze in the ‘wow’ factor when installed both indoors and outdoors.

What makes floral walls ideal for any event?

What makes an event stand out from the rest is its unique defining feature. Flowers add natural radiance and brighten the vibe of any space. The pop of colours in the room is enough to create the festive and elegant vibe. Floral walls serve as conversation pieces. Artificial flowers look painfully similar to fresh ones and are the raging trend right now.

Reasons artificial flowers are the best choice of flower walls:

  • 100% Natural looking: Artificial flowers are no less than real ones. They don’t appear unrealistic since they are made with intricate detailing and realistic coloration using materials like foam, fabric or paper. They retain the exact same charm as original flowers.
  • Low maintenance: You don’t have to worry about watering the flowers and putting away wilted flowers during the event. These flowers don’t require soil, sunlight or water making them extremely easy to maintain.
  • Sturdy: Artificial flowers are easy to handle and weightless. Unlike natural flowers, you don’t have to be too careful about them when transporting them between locations. The flowers won’t squish and the stems won’t give away.
  • Access to any flower all year round: You don’t be forced to stick to only seasonal flowers. Regardless of the season you can get access to any flower of any desired size.
  • Affordable: Fresh flowers don’t come with cheap price tags. A giant flower wall requires the use of many flowers and artificial one perfectly fit the bill (quite literally).

Flower walls for any occasion:

Photo booth blooms:

Guests love clicking pictures in front of the photo booth. Flowers and greenery in the background adds more visual appeal to the backdrop. You can either choose to cover the entire wall using greenery and flowers or arrange the flowers in a desired pattern across the wall.

Interactive flower walls to boost branding:

Interactive walls are commonly used to spread the word about a brand. Couple it with a floral wall to grab more attention. Incorporate colours of your brand logo and affix touch-sensitive devices like tabs on to the flower wall to stand out from your competitors.

Floral walls with a touch of metallic colours for weddings:

Add metallic spray paint along with the flowers as per your wedding theme for a more glam effect – choose colours like gold, rose gold, silver, bronze etc. If you using floral theme, consider renting charger plates from Blossomania after choosing one among their attractive floral backdrops. They are the best wedding decorators in London offering excellent decor services.

Simple and easy-to-maintain floral wall for balcony:

Floral walls aren’t reserved only for special events. You can adorn your compact balcony with a vibrant flower wall that won’t meddle with your busy work schedule.

Flower walls complement any space. Install it with a help of a renowned decorator for best, life-like results.

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