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Looking for a Wedding Videographer: 6 Self-help Tips 

Are you looking to invest in a professional wedding videographer to help you capture your special day and relieve your wedding vows and the emotional moments? Then there is a distinction to be made when choosing the right team as the video captures glances, smiles, tears, and raw emotion in ways that photography cannot.

A lot of people in the industry who are tech enthusiasts record each part of a wedding day and splice those parts together. Even a filmmaker, on the other hand, without going into technical aspects is focused only on creating a cohesive and beautiful story. But a wedding videographer captures the wedding prep, ceremonies, and reception beautifully with a background story and brings memories, and moments back to life. Below we are mentioning six self-help tips for you to choose the perfect wedding videographer.

  • Find a Videographer seriously and view their Portfolio

Wedding videography is a serious task and needs technical art to produce a flawless wedding video. Although you get some beautiful still images from a photographer, a video allows you to relive the day forever & to share with future generations. So, it requires an excessive amount of experience and skill. For that, you need to see their entire portfolio before signing on the dotted line. Make sure you request access to the company’s account to see more of their work instead of just finalizing by looking at their highlighted videos.

  • Seek out Reviews

After viewing their work, make sure to ask around to get to know if you’re making the right choice for a videographer. Check the person’s reviews from your friends, families, or from social media to get a piece of firsthand information before making your decision. It will guide you in distinguishing a true professional from a dud because a top professional can deliver a great film even if things don’t go perfectly well in different scenarios.

  • Meet in person

Before finalizing the deal, you must meet your videographer in person and conduct a consultation. On your wedding day, other than your husband or wife to be, it’s your videographer and photographer that you’ll likely be spending a significant amount of time, and working together. So, make sure to create a connection or bond to get things done properly and comfortably.

  • Discuss Expectations, Goals, and Timelines

Discuss your idea & what you are looking for with your prospective videographer for your big day and ensure to set clear your expectations before signing on the dotted line. Do you want a full edited video of the entire day or just a summary video, once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for then it may help your videographer to assess whether or not they will be able to meet all your needs?

Get to know how they approach things, turnaround time, and the deliverables you will receive as an end product. Be aware of your videographer’s turnaround time for your film before hiring.

  • Check their Style of Work

Every wedding videographer has its style of working, so to find an ideal videographer for your D-day watch videos online and compare their work. After analyzing, ask yourself which one is suitable for you.

Videos can be differentiated into three types –

  1. Music Video : These are visually driven films with effects and music with lyrics with no audio of your vows, speeches, or any dialogue.
  2. Minimalist Videos : These videos focus on candid moments with moments of guests laughing, speeches, natural audio, and gives a more organic natural feel.
  3. Cinematic Storytelling : In this video category, get the best of both worlds with visuals of a music video combined with the emotion of your wedding day candidly.
  • Do you need Filming Permissions and extra Audio Files?

Most wedding videographers choose standard ground level cinematography, in which case a contract with the venue may be required. Even in terms of filming aerial cinematography, some venues may not allow operating a drone. Consider all the permissions required beforehand.

Audio is an integral part of the wedding day as it not only evokes all those unique emotions from your big day, but it will also create a more personalized film. So, without overlooking this detail try to record at least four separate backups from different sources to capture your vows, the wedding speeches, etc. as some outdoor weddings can be very noisy, so it’s always important to be prepared.

Implement the afore-mentioned self-help tips before choosing a photographer. Determine the most critical element of your wedding film. Narrow your wedding videographer search down and choose the one that best fits in terms of expertise and experience for securing clicks for your big day.

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