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What to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

 Hiring a wedding videographer enables you to have full coverage of your big day. However, selecting the best to do the job can be overwhelming. But with information on what to look for in a wedding videographer, you can be sure of a unique wedding videography California or any other part of the world.

Here is what you should consider before selecting your wedding videographer;


Professional videographers have the right equipment for quality wedding videos. They know how to take beautiful shots for your day in a way that lasts a lifetime. Wedding videographers know the best angle, location, and lighting to deliver a story through film. You need to invest in quality videography by hiring a professional.

Assess the basic wedding videography styles

Videographers document the modern wedding film in three styles. You must have a basic knowledge about them to settle for the one that will suit your wedding Videography. They include;

       Candid film: It is a wedding film that comes in a documentary. The style uses raw audio and voice covers.

       Music video: It is based on cinematic shots. The style displays several aspects of the wedding day through a beautiful song. The professionals do not include personal audio such as speeches and vows in this style.

       Cinematic: the style increases the emotional impact via transition effects, dramatic music, creative camera angles, saturated color, and the use of slow motion.

Check the wedding videography packages available.

Wedding videographers provide a wide range of packages to meet your expectations and budget. When hiring a videographer, here are the package options you can choose from:

       Trailer/teaser film (1-2 min): it is like a sample of the main product. The videographers release the trailer for viewing while still working on the final video.

       Short film (10-20): in a short film, the videographer will give you a modified version of the wedding footage.

       Same day edit (4-10 min): the videographer you choose can offer to edit your wedding footage instantly and let it run on the screen during reception.

       Full-length documentary (30-90 min): the option has all your wedding sections. It is like a movie of your entire wedding.

Delivery of film and footage

Delivery is another vital part of your wedding videography. You need to select the method that is convenient for you. Popular delivery methods are CD-ROM, USB stick, external hard drive, and online file drop. Additionally, your videographer may upload the wedding video online for viewing.

The length of coverage

Based on your budget, decide on the number of hours the video coverage should last. You may choose to have the videographer cover only the vital parts of your wedding to keep your budget low.

The wedding budget

If videography is one of your priorities for the wedding, then you need to include it in your budget from the word go. You can cut down on other expenses included in your budget to invest in quality wedding videography.

A wedding is a grand event that marks the transition into marriage life. It’s vital to document the big day for future viewing. However, it is challenging to decide on who to hire for your wedding videos. The tips above will help you select a professional wedding videographer for quality and long-lasting videos

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