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7 Things To Do Before You Start Planning Your Cabo Wedding

Are wedding bells ringing for you and your significant other? Is getting married with the ocean as the backdrop your dream wedding?

Cabo has become one of the best destination weddings in the world thanks to the romantic atmosphere and vacation vibe. If you’re getting married soon, a Cabo wedding could be the most romantic experience of your lifetime.

Here are some things you need to do before planning your Cabo wedding.

Get In Touch With A Cabo Wedding Planner

One of the first things you need to do is to get in touch with a Los Cabos wedding planner. A  wedding is an important family event, which is why planning everything on your own can be stressful. Hiring a wedding planner can help you focus on important things – like enjoying your wedding –  and make sure that everything is checked and ready for the important day.

Most importantly, a wedding planner can give you the best magical experience. They will not only set up everything, but they can also get you in touch with reputable vendors that will provide you with quality service.

A good wedding planner will keep you within budget, schedule and give you professional advice when you need it.

Take Care Of Legal Aspects

Since Los Cabos is a destination wedding, you need to be mindful of the laws of the country. Getting acquainted with local wedding laws is important before the wedding because there might be requirements that you need to submit before your union can be solemnized.

For example, you will need a wedding permit from Mexican immigration, valid passports and a tourist or residence permit also needs to be updated.

Complying with Mexico’s wedding requirements will ensure that your marriage is valid and legal.

Consider Circumstances Surrounding Dates

Before you settle on a date, take some serious time to research how your guests and your actual even could be impacted by the date you choose.

For instance, if your wedding is planned in the middle of the school year, some of your closest family and friends may have trouble making it if it interferes with exams, sports schedules or extracurricular activities (ex. If their child is starring in the middle school play).

Find out if any other major family or friend events are also happening during those same dates that could keep them from attending yours; such as other weddings, family reunions, vacations etc.

You’ll also want to consider the weather and events happening in Cabo during the dates you’re considering. Are there local festivals, major conventions or competitions happening that could reduce the availability of rooms? What will the weather be like during your visit?

Finally, if most of your friends and family live in a four seasons climate, you’ll also want to think through whether local weather could impact flight plans. In the dead of winter, it’s not uncommon for flights to get delayed or canceled due to snow storms, so keep that in mind.

Calculate Your Wedding Budget

It may not be the most fun activity to spend your time on, but before you can truly start planning your wedding, you need to know what your overall budget is going to be. This will heavily impact all decisions you make around your wedding, such as:

  • Size of the guest list
  • Venue
  • Live music vs. DJ
  • Number of courses in the meal
  • Number of days of destination events
  • Vendor packages
  • Which aspects of guest travel you’ll pay for

Contact Family and Friends

Getting married in a different country is like a big adventure. However, it does require time and planning especially for your guests.

Some of them will need the information in advance so that they can arrange time off from their jobs. Sinec Los Cabos is in another country, they will also need to look for travel options, book flights or update their passports or visas.

Envision Your Vibe

Once you have a date and venue, you might feel it’s time to start planning the wedding. However, before you dive head first into decisions about theme, decorations, food and timeline, you should take some time to really think about the kind of wedding experience you want to create.

The event vibe is critical to hosting a destination wedding that feels good to you and that you’ll look back on fondly. Unfortunately, many couples don’t take the time to truly contemplate how they want their event to feel and flow. As a couple, this is something you should discuss together.

Are you a high-energy couple that spends their weekends dancing or doing karaoke with friends? Are you the low key type that prefers quality, quiet conversation over late partying? Do you prefer to spend your time in nature among the sand and stars? The type of lifestyle you have as a couple should impact the overall vibe and ambiance of your wedding. If you aren’t crystal clear on this, how can your wedding planner help you make bigger decisions such as whether to have a band, what the menu should look like, whether to have the ceremony on the beach or in a garden? All your event details should reflect the style of wedding you most desire.

Browse Wedding Venues

There are a lot of wedding venues in Los Cabos. It might be overwhelming to choose which ones are best suited for your wedding party which is why looking for the perfect place can take some time.

Browsing for venues early also has a big advantage: you can book the place of your choice. This is very important especially if your date falls on the peak months of April to June and October through December. Saturdays are also the busiest days to get married.

Looking for venues early will give you time to compare the pros and cons of each venue so that you can book early.

Final Thoughts

Many couples, especially brides, feel panicky and alone during the wedding planning. A local wedding is already a lot of work, destination weddings need more. Staying organized and keeping in communication with your wedding planner is a great way to keep on schedule.

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