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Pre and Post Kerala Muslim Wedding Traditions & Ceremonies in India You Must Know

Kerala is a South Indian state where Muslims form the second largest religious community. They follow all the traditions mentioned in the Islamic scriptures in their weddings and other important events of their life.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies


A Muslim wedding in Kerala starts with a ritual called Valayidal where the groom’s family visits the bride’s house. The groom’s mother presents gold bangles and other ornaments to the future bride as a token of love.

Naal Nischayam

The families of the bride and groom meet together to decide an auspicious wedding date and time in the presence of a Maulvi or Muslim priest of the nearest mosque. This ritual is called Naal Nischayam and it is the most important step of wedding preparation when the wedding date is finally fixed after much discussion.

Wedding invitation

Muslim couples need to invite their relatives and friends to join their wedding ceremonies. So they can now select Muslim wedding invitation cards online from reputed wedding card makers and may customize according to their tastes. Plenty of wedding card templates can be found on the websites of these card makers, under the category of Muslim wedding cards.

Mailanchi Raavu

Mehendi ceremony is called Mailanchi Raavu by the Muslims living in Kerala. It is usually held at night before the wedding at both houses of the bride and groom. The bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate Mehendi designs, to boost her beauty before the wedding. All family members and friends dance and sing to celebrate this occasion while Mehendi is also applied to the hands of other ladies present at the bride’s house.

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Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is celebrated at both bride and groom’s houses. Friends and relatives of the new couple apply turmeric paste on the exposed body parts of the groom and bride. Then they are bathed with holy water, after which the bride gets ready for the Mehendi function at night when lots of entertainment is offered to all guests.  

Wedding day Ceremonies


The main wedding ceremony of a Muslim couple is called Nikah as per Islamic tradition. The Qazi or the Muslim priest presides over the wedding ceremony and he reads some prayers from the Holy Quran. The groom proposes marriage to his bride through the Qazi and this ritual is called Ijaab. The bride officially accepts this proposal by uttering the word ‘Qubool’ means ‘Accepted’. Then the groom presents Mahr in the form of gold or cash or other valuables to his bride, as a promise of taking care of her throughout his life. Finally, the groom, fathers of the bride and groom, two witnesses from both parties and the Qazi sign the marriage register called Nikahnama. The bride and groom look at each other through a mirror.

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The wedding feast follows the wedding ceremony at the bride’s place where all guests enjoy delicious foods and drinks. Normally, the typical cuisines of Kerala and some Muslim dishes are served in this wedding feast of Muslim couples in this region.

Post-Wedding ceremonies


The bride is bid farewell by her family when she leaves with her husband to his house and this ritual is called Ruksat. It is an emotional moment for all, as they feel sad about seeing her off. The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law, who places the Holy Quran on the head of the bride to obtain divine bliss for her marital life.


The bride and groom visit the bride’s house 4 days after the wedding, which is called Chauthi. The groom’s family organizes a reception party called Walima or Daawat-e-Walima, only 5 days after the marriage. All the relatives and friends of both bride and groom are invited to this reception and they enjoy the grand feast together.

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All these pre and post-wedding ceremonies are very important for Muslim couples and their families in Kerala.

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