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Ask The Following Before Booking The Wedding Venue

Knowing more about a venue before booking is very necessary. The clarification goes a long way and if ignored can be very frustrating. The Luminaire venue has esteemed workers that will take care of all your needs and therefore take the opportunity to confirm every doubt in your mind before they grace your occasion. The venue can hold private parties, weddings, and also corporate events. With a variety of ceremony types that can be held at the venue, indoor or outdoor space is also included in the package, with or without a fee included depending on your agreement with the venue providers. What should one ask:

  • Is the venue available at the time you want to host your event?

A highly rated and reviewed area is always flocked with events. During winter months or certain holidays, some venues are closed. Ask for the availability of the venue before booking as you would fall in love with the venue but it is not available at the time your event is taking place.

  • For an outdoor event, what options are available for all types of weather?

Keeping your guests comfortable is the key in every event. Ask what the venue owners can do when the sun is scorching hot or in case of rainfall. Does the venue have shaded areas or air conditioning machines indoors and do they have heating machines to provide coziness to the guests.

  • How does the venue look like during the set day of your occasion?

You may visit an area before the d-day and fall in love with the ambiance. It is important to note whether it will have the same aesthetic appeal on your d-day. Ask to see photos of events held during the same month as yours or do your research online to know what you are getting into before booking the venue.

  • Will other events take place at the same time as yours?

If this happens, can you accommodate?. How many bathrooms are available to host both events and how much will your guests interact with the other guests? If answers to these questions are not what you would like for your event, consider looking for another venue.

  • What are the late-night time restrictions?

Can your guests stay up to when they are free to leave?. If you would like to dance till morning, book a venue that will accommodate your wish. Make a point of knowing the venue’s rules and regulations before ruling out and deciding to hire the venue for your event.

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