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Selecting A Limo Service In Atlanta For Your Wedding!

It’s your big day, and you would want to arrive in style! If you look for luxury limousine services in Atlanta, you will find no dearth of choices. Of course, not all companies that offer limos are same, and it makes sense to ensure that you opt for the right one, even if that means paying a tad more. In this quick guide, we are sharing more on how to select a limo service Atlanta for your wedding.

Reviews matter

If you can, ask around. Talk to your friends, office colleagues, or ask your event planner, for references of limousine services in the city. If you don’t have referrals handy, just check for reviews online. You will find independent reviews on Google, and these can be useful for comparing some of the shortlisted services.

Ask about their chauffeurs

Many clients miss out on that aspect. You want the ride to and from the wedding venue to be as comfortable as possible, and while the car does matter, it is as important to check for chauffeurs. Ask if their chauffeurs are trained, and how frequently do they attend to wedding couples. If needed, you can choose to interview the chauffeur a day before the wedding.

Fleet of cars

Obviously, you should also check the fleet of cars. Not everyone is a fan of standard limousines. You may want the latest model, or something that matches the theme of your wedding. Check with the local services to know the brand, models, and options they have in stock, and don’t shy away from asking for a quick trial ride. Remember that limousines are hired by hour or for a day, so you would want to be absolutely sure.

Get references

If an Atlanta limo service claims to the best in business, they must have enough clients. Ask them for references, check if they work with wedding planners and similar events on a regular basis, and call up a few of their existing clients.

Ask for an estimate

Finally, do get an estimate in advance. Check what is included, like a fully-stocked bar, special decorations, cake, and other things. If you don’t need these things, let the limo company know, and they can actually help you work on the costs and get a better price. For instance, if the ride is a small one, you don’t need too many add-ons.

Shortlist a few top-rated limo services in the city now!

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